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Marlena Green Seedless

Early / Mid July
  • Large Berry Size
  • Strong Stem Attachment
  • Excellent Shelf Life
  • Wonderful Flavor
  • Great Sugar Levels

Timpson Green Seedless

Mid July thru Mid August
  • Very Large Bunches
  • Good Berry Size
  • Stores Very Well
  • Excellent Stem Attachment
  • Pleasant Muscat Flavor

Krissy Red Seedless

Mid July thru Early September
  • Large Round Berries
  • Long Storage and Shelf Life
  • Very High Brix
  • Wonderful Flavor

Timco Red Seedless

Mid July thru September
  • Elongated Red Berries
  • Good Stem Attachment
  • Great Storage Life
  • Excellent Flavor and Texture

Great Green Seedless

Late July thru Early September
  • Superior Flavor
  • Firm Texture
  • Good Storage Life

Autumn King Seedless

September / October
  • Very Large Berry Size
  • Refreshing Fresh Taste
  • Large Bunches

Jack’s Salute

Mid September thru Early November
  • Large Bunches
  • Large Oval-Elongated Berries
  • Firm to Crispy Texture

Autumn Royal Black Seedless

August thru October
  • Full Black Color
  • Good Bunch Size & Berry Size
  • Sweet, Mild Flavor

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At BTV Crown Farms, our focus is on quality.

We farm a total of 1,200 acres – 740 acres of table grapes, 160 acres of pistachios, and 300 acres of citrus.

We work closely with nurseries to make sure we are on the cutting edge of varietal development, and aim to have test rows of new table grape varieties in development at all times. We were the first to market with Timpson green seedless, Krissy red seedless, and the Timco red seedless.

We export almost 100% of the grapes we grow, compared to an industry average of 40-50%.